Pat Snyder

Goooooood morning, Wisconsin! And a special shout-out to the 85thstate assembly district! This is comin’ at you live from the Internet, here with an important message ahead of Election Day on November 6th: Pat Snyder is a T-H-U-G … THUG!


Before and after running for office, Pat Snyder spent over a decade hosting “Wisconsin Morning News” on AM 550 WSAU, a talk radio show he hosted as a knock-off Rush Limbaugh.


HUMILIATINGis the word for when a combative talk show radio host like Pat Snyder bails out of a debate at the last minute. They called it the “empty chair” routine. It’s also a pretty good word to describe how Pat Snyder will feel when he hears about - a URL that he owned until 2013.

We call it the “empty website” routine to go along with the “empty chair.”

U is for UGLY.

UGLYis the perfect word for the old . Just a few years ago, Pat Snyder was pushing lies and conspiracy theories - because those are harmless, right?

Stuff like: “ Arlington Cemetery Barred as Obama Continues his Legacy of Disrespect for America ” and “ The Rash of Black-On-White Crime Sweeping The Nation .”

And then there was Pat Snyder’s invitation to Mr. Usama Dakdok for a discussion of: “ Do Obama family members have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood ?”

Dakdok is in the news for saying things like “All Muslim people are demons” and “There is no good Muslim” and “ There is no such thing as a loving Muslim .” Chances are good that he’s not at the top of your list of people to hang out with!

But Pat Snyder and Usama Dakdok are a great match. Ugly. But right for each other. Fortunately, things like this are happening too.


Like when he says he’s going to take away the healthcare rights and protections that you have because of freedom. How did he put it? “Government needs to stay out of the medical business .” I mean, wasn’t it great when you could go bankrupt while you were still in the hospital? Wasn’t it fun to go to the doctor and wonder whether this will be the visit when suddenly your insurance no longer exists?!

When Pat Snyder and his friends say “let’s go back in time” - they’re really telling you to go ---- yourself.

A better idea would be to just go to the polls and vote. On November 6th, if you want to you can keep the thug that you have. Or, you can “repeal and replace” Pat Snyder just like we “repealed and replaced” his pre-existing website.

Make a plan.

Where do you need to go to vote?

When are you going to vote?

What's your backup plan in case the line turns out to be longer than you expected?

What do you need to bring with you as far as ID?

Central Wisconsin was already better off with Pat Snyder off the air. Now it’s time to get him out of office.